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, as well. some clouds into san jose, 57 degrees. 51 in santa rosa. 54 degrees and cloudy skies into san francisco. these temperatures really taking a nosedive today. yesterday, we had some 70s and mid-80s again. but that sea breeze kicking in these numbers are going to drop about 9 to 15 degrees from yesterday's highs. if you think today is cool, just wait until tomorrow. we are going to throw in some rain too. we'll have more on that coming up. l have more on that coming but right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> could have an interesting morning commute. right now, though, things are quiet. if you are heading into san francisco, from the east bay, this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. obviously no metering lights, still before 5:00 this morning. everything is cruising all the way across the upper deck. let's go to our other live traffic cameras. chp issued a travel advisory a few hours ago on the golden gate bridge. they say that fog is an issue and you can see it in our traffic camera this morning. limited visibility and they say it's on all the approaches, as
in a deadly crime spree in san jose. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was caught friday night after a series of robberies, police chase and shooting and a carjacking attempt that left one man dead. >> about 9:00 i hear a -- not continuous gunshots but maybe a little one after another. >> saw the victim's father up in the front and she was still in shock finding out that the son had been shot in front of the 7-eleven. >> police say wilbanks' alleged accomplice got away and is still on the run. the reward money is being offered for information that leads to his arrest. >>> menlo park police are looking for suspects in the city's second murder this year. 42-year-old man shot to death saturday night as he sat in a car with a woman in the 300 block of ivy drive. police say the suspects took the woman's purse and ran in separate directions. it's the third shooting this month in menlo park's bell haven neighborhood. >>> a new apology from the bishop of san jose. that's after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival and now the church and the sheriff's office are tryin
. both directions are moving fine right now. 101 looking good, downtown san jose super quiet. and this is close to the oakland coliseum. as you make your way past 66 towards downtown, it's continuing to look good. no brake lights toward highway 92. this is a look at westbound 580. so far it's clear in this direction from the altamont pass out toward the dublin interchange. bart trains are on time. back to you. >>> 4:37. now oakland homeowners concerned about foreclosure can get questions answered today. the city's free housing and foreclosure clinic is set to begin at 10:00 this morning through 5:00 this afternoon at the oakland marriott convention center. representatives from every banks will be there to offer adviceover loan modifications and other options. >>> in a strike against israelis, negotiations have started up once again. >> people are hoping for a resolution soon. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the knob hill foods in redwood shores, one of more than 100 stores affected by this strike. both sides are back at the table but no agreement just yet. they are
only at two san jose hospitals run by hospital corporation of america. replacement nurses have been hired for five days. it will be the second nurses strike in the bay area this month. key issues include staffing levels and sick leave. >>> 4:31 now. a priest at a san jose catholic school has resigned after defending a registered sex offender's presence on their campus. mark gurries was volunteering last month when someone recognized him. but gurries produced a letter from the san jose diocese saying he could be there. and that claim was defended by the parish priest. but it turns out the letter wasn't written or signed by the proper church officials and gurries was escorted off campus. now, the bishop in charge of the diocese has apologized and tells parishioners it will not happen again. >>> a search continues in san jose for a suspect police say was involved in a crime spree that included a fatal shooting. it began on friday night with four armed robberies. one of the suspects appears in that surveillance video you were watching. the crimes also included a carjacking that left a y
continuing southward just south of san jose along the 101 near morgan hill and gilroy. looks like we're not done just yet. we may catch a dry slot. you can see this one wave of moisture and this low come through here. behind that a little break but there's more right here that's likely to rotate down so we are going to keep things unsettled but these temperatures heading out it's chilly. 37 degrees in santa rosa. 42 san rafael. 41 in the napa valley. and, of course, that's why we're seeing a chance of snow over the tops of the mountains. >> thank you. this is one of the first wet commutes we have had really wet commutes in a while. so we had an earlier traffic alert that's now canceled. that was out in milpitas near the 880/237 interchange. we're also getting reports of some flooding in lanes, some hydroplaning so be extra careful. a lot of these different accidents have been cleared and obviously, it's friday, often we see lighter traffic on a friday. not too many cars on the golden gate bridge. it appears to be moving okay right now across the span. one accident we are continuing t
. lawrence is live in san jose. i would see him as a science guy, yes? >> he is, of course. >> we have the bay area science festival down here and all kinds of neat things to look at, some great exhibits. here in the heart of the silicon valley where there was so much innovation, computers, computer chips. they have a lot of neat things to check out if you want to learn how to fly a plane, make your own plane, build a robot, they are going to be doing that. it's a great time to get out here and enjoy. the weather is work out great, too. it looks like finally we're watching a break from the rain and we are setting up for the weekend. but temperatures running chilly right now. we have some 40s in some of the north bay valleys, 50s elsewhere so a little bit cold early on today but high pressure is going to be building in. a lot of clouds dumping over the ridge so looking at partly cloudy skies throughout the day today. still planning on lots of sunshine by the afternoon, temperatures will be very similar to yesterday. those highs running generally in the 60s, maybe some low 70s well inlan
. by the afternoon, we could see as high as 81, about 80 in oakland, 84 degrees in redwood city, about 83 in san jose. and 85 degrees in santa rosa. if we hit those numbers, all those will be records running about 2 to 3 degrees above the previous record. wouldn't that be something? >> i'm kind of excited about this one warm. >> enjoy it because we may have snow later this week. >> thanks, lawrence. >>> outside, live and everything is actually quiet so far this monday. the back-to-work monday, live look at the bay bridge. you can see how well traffic is moving so far approaching the pay gates and it looks great across the upper deck. similar story crossing the san mateo bridge. we'll show you this live look. this is just past the toll plaza. the headlights coming towards you is traffic heading towards the east bay. in the commute direction we are still looking good. 14 minutes in either direction. roadwork on the approach of the golden gate bridge and northbound 101 ride from sir francis drake towards the waldo tunnel so heads up, you'll find various lanes blocked. caltrans crews very busy. this is a
of the busiest target stores in san jose where shoppers entered in groups of 30. big ticket items like flat screen tvs were on the top of a lot of shopping lists but the first shopper in the door says she is not making this a holiday tradition. >> was it worth it? >> i don't know. is it? >> not really. i would never do it again. >> reporter: why not? >> because i can probably get this deal online faster and not deal with the crowd. >> reporter: you're learning a valuable black friday lesson? >> yes, i am. >> i venture to say a lot of people probably learned that lesson. the national retail federation expects holiday sales this year to top $586 billion. >> one major retail chain is bucking the trend. cbs 5 report elissa harrington is in front of j.c. penney. they are still not open. >>> reporter: if you look around this mall every other store is even the food places. i saw subway open, people getting sandwiches. but j.c. penney still closed also open at 6 a.m. this morning and the reason for that is because the retail chain is trying to set itself apart from other stores. they say they ar
bird shot if the birds do not leave. san jose has had 100 bird are strikes. >>> muny buses are feeling the squeeze. facebook, google, apple offer a private bus to take workers from the city here in san francisco down to the silicon valley, but those shuttles can cause big problems for other commutes, they block bus stops. >> they pose challenges as far as loading and unloading in our zones or near our zones and that does cause a problem. what we're doing is working with with the stake holders around, working with the businesses to ensure that we put together policy recommendations to find solutions. >> metropolitan transportation authority has talked about new roles that use public bus stops. >>> it's 4:45 right now. >> it's monday, too. >> time just keeps rolling on. >> it was hard driving in the fog this morning. >> you should be seen it yesterday morning. >> were you not up early. >> i slept in yesterday. >> we were not among the living. >> you'll see that it was just as foggy yesterday as it is this morning. we have big changes coming up weather wise this week. we're starting off w
shot and killed a u.s. marine from san jose this weekend. officers from palm springs police department say allen dvalina refused to stop for officers on bike patrol at 2:00 on saturday and he hit one of the officers with a car in a parking garage. that's when police opened fire and killed him. >>> the san mateo county district attorney plans to make a decision on what steps to take after a judge through out on a murder trial. police said his killer was childhood friend gregory alarn of pittsburgh. yesterday the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> the real question was at one point when mr. elam was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning e should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da said he was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read him his miranda rights. >>> a verdict will be announced this morning in the case of a rape and murder. an entire neighborhood was on edge until he was arrested last january. the jury reached a verdict on friday
of the day. temperatures chilly in spots right now. 48 in santa rosa, 48 napa, 54 san jose, 53 san francisco. i think as we look toward the afternoon today, yesterday we had some highs in the 60s and the 70s. today how about this? boy, have we cooled down since the beginning of the week when we had some 80s. we're going to be struggling to get into the low 60s by this afternoon. >> thank you, lawrence. >>> outside right now, things look good on 101. we sent our photographer towards the south bay. this is a live look at 101 at trimble. headlights, taillights, no matter which way you're going, northbound or southbound 101 it's an easy ride. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no major delays, no major roadwork all across the upper deck heading into s you will find roadwork on the golden gate bridge. only one lane open southbound 101. you can see though conditions are very quiet right now as you head towards doyle drive in san francisco. more roadwork this morning out in the east bay. this is a new spot. southbound 13 is closed southbound between broadway terrace and thorn hill drive in
and benefits. more officers in san jose are now resigning. there are now less than 1,000 officers in the department available for full duty and just 583 officers are patrolling the streets in the steve in a city of 1 million people. >> you will be robbing peter to pay paul moving officers around. >> chuck reed says 44 men and women are going through the academy right now. those officers should be ready to hit the streets next june >>> and closing arguments are scheduled in martinez this morning in the case of a man who killed his ex-girlfriend and another man at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. this is the penalty phase in the trial of nathan burris who was convicted of the 2009 murders last week. he could potentially face the death penalty. >>> two women home alone in marin county managed to fight off an armed prowler. officers say the suspect may have stab wounds in his chest. according to police, he broke into a san rafael apartment. he got into a fight with one woman. the other roommate grabbed a phone and called police. other neighbors say they heard yelling. >> ki
into the san jose area. they stay dry for the better part of halloween but they are getting soaked. on the back side of the cold front we'll see a little bit of sunshine, partly cloudy skies into the afternoon but some drier weather as we head toward the latter part of the day. overlook the city of san francisco, showers out there, as well. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. looks like we have some warmer days ahead. in fact, maybe a return to 80s. wouldn't that be nice? >> it would be nice. especially after a rainy halloween night. here's a live look outside. we are dealing with slick conditions. we have accidents and flooding this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. just a lonely headlight towards doyle drive into san francisco. so no major delays. we are watching an accident just coming in from our chp reports. westbound 580 right approaching north first. so just a heads up, possibly blocking lanes. in the meantime drive time 14, 15 minutes through the altamont pass and heading towards the dublin interchange. more slick surfaces. this is out in the east bay, the nimitz, 880 in oakl
-old suspect in a deadly san jose crime spree may be charged as an adult. the teen could be arraigned in adult court today. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed four businesses and killed a man during a carjacking attempt on november 16. the night of the crime ended in a shootout with police >>> the woman behind a counter at an east san jose jewelry store turned the table on two minutes who tried to rob her. she shot back at them. police say the men ran out empty-handed and were last seen speeding away in a black suv. no one was hit in the gunfire. >>> investigators now have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning after 14 people at a san francisco party were all sent to the hospital over the weekend. the party-goers at a duplex on courtlandt avenue all complained of scratchy throats on sunday night. the fire department says only two people tested positive for low levels of carbon monoxide which could have been caused by heavy cigarette smoke in the unit. >>> a simple mistake led to a hazmat emergency in a gym in san jose last night. 150 people were evacuated from the silver cre
south now through san jose so you're seeing a lot of showers in the area, pockets of some moderate amounts of rainfall and a lot of strong gusty winds to go along with that. embedded in the system are cells that are producing moderate amounts of rainfall even some heavy rainfall as you move through. some reports now already over 6, 7" of rainfall in some parts of the north bay and still more to come. you can see this band that's making its way through the bay area now and some heavier cells as we take you in for a closer look. toward mill valley heavy rainfall in the area along 101 if you are traveling along here expect heavy rainfall and the possibility of some flooding now. a lot of that water is ending up in some of the basins now so we're likely to see some flooding in the creeks and streams. flash flood watches are up for the bay area and high wind advisories. we are not done. we'll see the storm system working through the bay area so, yes, the commute is going to be very dangerous, very treacherous. watch out for debris in the roads. of course, some ponding water, as well. we
degrees near san jose. today we'll pop through. we'll see 70s showing up outside maybe even san francisco about 70 degrees even at the coast we could see upper 60s and low 70s. enjoy it. we have a lot of rain on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first elizabeth has traffic. >> we have emergency utility work going on in san jose. they have closed an off-ramp and on-ramp approaching the alameda. alternates, was come bascomb coleman. >>> 28 minutes between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza heads up if you are commuting from marin into san francisco. westbound 237 quiet. the rest of the bay area no delays from the east bay northbound 880 pretty good all the way towards downtown. and a quick check of bridges, it looks like one lane is blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's before 5:00 this morning. 4:37 this morning. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> it's early. 4:37. okay, liz, thanks. >>> many members of congress say two u.s. military generals owe them some answers amid a scandal that keeps growing. susan mcginnis reports it will be a big issue on capitol h
now are running very, very mild. 60 degrees in san jose. 60 in oakland. and 59 degrees in san francisco. i think as we head toward the afternoon the system is going to finally slide out of town but you see all the clouds here rolling through and then on the back side we have a few more so i think this morning we are looking at a bit of wet weather again and then it will start to taper off and we'll see sunshine this afternoon and we'll dry things out outside. morning showers and delays at sfo if you are head there is so be careful. we'll see plenty of delays there. things will taper off in the afternoon. around the country a good travel day into houston 81 degrees there. 75 in denver, 59 in chicago, afternoon hours we are going to see those temperatures running up mainly into the 60s again and it should be dry by the afternoon. but elizabeth, this morning, very, very wet. >> reports coming in from the chp mentioned flooding along the embarcadero. that right lane is blocked off as you are coming into san francisco right now as you approach mission. here's a live look at the bay
possible in redwood city. you could see a record there and possibly into san jose. they may peak the heat at 81 degrees. if that happens that will be a record but there's some much cooler weather on the way maybe more rain. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> could make the back half of the workweek interesting on the roads. for right now though as lawrence said it's dry and easy breezy crossing the bay bridge anyway. no delay, no metering lights. you can see those headlights right now heading towards the pay gates and it continues to move well across the upper deck into the city. elsewhere, to our maps, we have some areas of overnight roadwork. few new spots that ramp closure hasn't been in effect in a while. we are seeing it again on that ramp from northbound 280 to southbound 101. and we are actually seeing a few brake lights on our traffic sensors up 280 heading into san francisco. also, once again we have that full freeway closure all lanes blocked eastbound 4 approaching loveridge in antioch. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>
francisco. 55 in san jose right now. by the afternoon, these numbers are going to be cooler. plan on highs only in the upper 50s to low 60s near the coastline, mid-60s in some of the valleys but we have a cold storm headed our way, too. and that one is going to be stronger. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. outside now here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of flashing lights right now across the span. it's because they are doing the lane changes right now. we saw the lane change truck drive by and there's some police cars behind it. they are trying to get more southbound 101 lanes open to cars heading toward san francisco from marin. no major accidents. once they open more lanes traffic will flow better across the span. things are light. roadwork this morning between the waldo tunnel and sir francis drake. a lot of green on our live traffic sensors. eastbound 4 at loveridge more roadwork, overnight paving work. 880 nimitz no big delays, no problems if you have a flight to catch at oakland airport heading out
time ever. they are the valley fair in san jose and santa clara, and stoneridge shopping center down in pleasanton. we have you covered on the best money saving tips for this black friday. you can check out cbssf.com/black friday. >>> there is a holiday backlash from employees at walmart. [ chanting ] >> dozens of pro union protestors rallied at this oakland walmart yesterday. similar rallies are planned for tonight and tomorrow. walmart is nonunion. these protestors say the company thrives bidenning their workers a living -- by denying their workers a living inning what. walmart has asked the national labor relations board to stop the rally but a decision probably won't come in time. >>> a man accused in a deadly crime spree that included shooting a police officer now says he is sorry. jonathan wilbanks walked into court yesterday. police are still looking for his accomplice in last friday's rampage. officers say they are behind an armed robbery spree that left one man dead. a police officer was wounded in that shootout. wilbanks' attorney says his client is extremely remorseful. bu
if anybody was hit by gunfire. >>> the teen accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose will be in court this afternoon. the boy, adonis mull droe, will be tried as an adult. the 15-year-old faces 8 felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a police officer. police say he and 2 6-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed some san jose businesses on november 16 killly rory parkpettiford. an officer was also injured. >>> two men are in custody. oakland police say it began monday when a husband shot cell phone video of another car being driven erratically. you see it here. police say the men in the car realized they were being record, brandished guns at the couple while at a stop light here. and later the men caught up with them and one of them got inside the couple's car demanding that video. >> the husband was able to push the suecthe car and tells his wife hit the gas, get out of here. >> police say that man fired at the couple's car although nobody was injured. officers arrested the suspects a short time later with help from the video. >>> comedian cat williams could find himself u
to and from san jose, oakland, san francisco, sacramento, l.a. and reno. >> it's all about us trying to make bus travel sexy again. >> we can't all be flying first class. >> service starts december 12 so if you want to head south or it reno go for it. >> not bad. >>> the bean counter at starbucks are smiling because the chain rolled out its most expensive coffee ever. i might need help with the name. it's called [ speaking spanish ] it retails for $7 a cup. that's for a grande. for $6 you can skitch just for the tall. >> is that something would you buy? >> no. >> it's fine. >> lawrence karnow has already left the building. right now the big ticket brew is only available in a few dozen stores in fact pacific northwest. starbucks plans to take it nationwide by the end of the year. i don't think i would go for that. >> that could keep you up for days. >> $7. >>> powerball in california? when might be able to play. >> and a bay area crisis. another round of wet weather is on the way. could it cause a mud slide disaster like the one in daly city? >> a young woman wakes up to find a man -- intrude
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